Is Jessica Lall murder-convict Manu Sharma’s release imminent?

Manu Sharma

The Hush Post: Will Manu Sharma walk free finally? Since Sabrina Lall, Jessica’s sister has said categorically that she has no issue regarding Manu Sharma’s release, the chances are he might on the grounds of good behaviour be released. The final decision was to be taken on Tuesday. However, the Sentence Review Board (SRB) meeting at the Tihar Central Jail regarding the future of convict Manu Sharma was postponed on Tuesday.

The meeting was postponed since the Delhi Home Minister Satyendar Jain wasn’t there to decide on the proposal regarding the release of Manu Sharma, who is convicted in the Jassica Lall murder.

“The SRB meeting scheduled for Tuesday was postponed. The date for the next SRB meeting will be decided by the Home Department in consultation with Minister Satyendar Jain. When SRB meetings are postponed due to some reasons, these are generally held in the next 15 days. May 9 may be the next date on which Manu Sharma’s case could be decided,” a jail official said. The SRB is a statutory body with Delhi Home Minister, Home Secretary and Law Secretary.

The members have the power to review the jail and police reports and the social welfare reports of prisoners after which they take a decision on the proposals for their release. The report is then sent to Delhi Lieutenant Governor for his take on the release.

In March, Jessica Lall’s elder sister Sabrina Lall had written to the prison Welfare Officer that she and her family wanted to lead a normal life and had no objection if Manu Sharma was released from the Tihar jail.
Talking to a television network, Sabrina also let people know that Manu had come to Sabrina’s house and met her mother and sought an apology at one point of time.
Son of former Union Minister and liquor baron Venod Sharma, was sentenced to life after being convicted killing Jessica Lall in 1999. The trial court had acquitted him, but the High Court reversed the verdict and convicted him whereas the Supreme Court upheld the life sentence in April 2010.

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