Is masked girl in JNU violence Komal Sharma? | CHECK AUDIO &PICS


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Has she been nailed? The masked girl who broke into the Jawahar Lal Nehru University campus and went on rampaging violence beating students, on Sunday has been identified, it seems. Shortly after the incident, a facebook user Apoorv Thakur shared a message identifying her as Komal Sharma. She is from ABVP.

The post read the following:

“This uncouth and pathetic human being is a junior to my sister in school as well as college. Listen to her admission as she herself told my sister that she was there doing/causing the mayhem because my sister recognised her. Please share this and tag so that she learn a lesson.”

Below is her purported chat and also her phone recording:

In the photo below, she can be seen on the extreme left in a red-white check shirt. Her full face is visible. Then she can be seen wearing the same check-shirt but this time wearing a mask. There are also certain other pictures of her’s in a saree.

In the purported conversation, she can be seen profusely asking the person on the other side not to tell anyone that she was seen in Munirka.

Komal Sharma


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