Justice Kurien says, Supreme Court was not in the right path under CJ Dipak Misra

justice joseph kurien

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After retiring as Supreme Court judge, Justice Kurian Joseph, one of the four judges to go to press against the functioning of then Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra, said that the top court was not going in the right direction under Chief Justice Misra.

On January 12, Justices J Chelameswar, Ranjan Gogoi, Madan Lokur and Kurian Joseph, in an unprecedented press conference had said “unless Supreme Court is preserved, democracy will not survive.” They had alleged faulty “assignment of cases” and “sensitive cases being allotted to junior judges” by Justice Misra.

Justice Kurien, however, said there was no corruption in the higher judiciary 

Justice Joseph who retired recently, said, “We pointed that the Supreme Court was not going in the right direction. Many aspects we brought in the notice of the then Chief Justice (Dipak Misra) to put things on the proper path. Since there was no result, we thought there was no other option but to bring it to the notice of the nation.”

“There was one other reason. My position has always been that there are two watchdogs, one of which is the media. We came out to let there be an awareness that we have done our best. Despite barking the master is in deep slumber. So we decided to bite,” he added, asserting that things have improved since then. “Institutional system and practices need to be put in place. It will take time,” Justice Joseph said.

He expressed that he had no regrets about the unprecedented conduct of four senior-most judges then. On being asked about allegations of corruption in the judiciary, Justice Joseph said the allegations are baseless. He said, “I will never really agree that there is corruption in higher judiciary. If it is in the lower judiciary, it is the state’s concern. In the higher judiciary, it has not come to my notice.”

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