Kapil Sibal ‘defends’ Anil Ambani inside court, ‘attacks’ him outside; gets trolled on social media

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Congress leader Kapil Sibal has come under fire from social media users for his ‘contradictory activities’. The renowned lawyer is a counsel for one of the country’s richest persons- Anil Ambani. At the same time Sibal has been attacking Anil Ambani over the Rafale issue oustside the court.

The ‘dual stand’ of the former union minister has kicked up a storm on the social media. Trolls have started attacking Sibal for his ‘double standards’.

Kapil Sibal appeared for Anil Ambani in the Supreme Court on Tuesday morning. The matter is related to a contempt of court. Ericson India is the petitioner in the case. Ericson has moved the apex court against Anil Ambani for recovery of dues. The company alleges that Anil Ambani’s Reliance Communication declared itself bankrupt without paying the dues, which in contravention of Supreme Court orders.

Sibal attacks Ambani on Rafale

Anil Ambani made a personal appearance in the court on Tuesday. He was accompanied by Kapil Sibal. Prior to this Sibal had attacked Anil Ambani on Twitter. Sibal tweeted, “It seems Airbus , French Government , Anil Ambani all knew that the PM will sign an MOU on his visit to France between 9th and 11th April , 2015. This Government’s lies exposed.” Sibal also shared a letter allegedly written by an Airbus official alongside the tweet.

Sibal has come under attack from social media users for ‘defending’ and ‘attacking’ Anil Ambani at the same time. One of the users named S.M. said, “Kapil sibal is a great lawyer who can argue for both sides of a case regardless of facts  as he’s ready to cross  line between a lawyer and a liar & earn his fees by using his political clout to get a favorable order even if rebuked at times, makes him charged politicos favorite”.

Another user wrote, “Unrequited tweet. There r rules of bar association and professional Ethics .. both are right tweets at his place . No need to do adventurism journalism.”

“I have been representing Anil Ambani before all these matters arose,” Aaj Tak quoted Ambani as saying ‘off the record’.

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