LPG (non-subsidised) price raised after lowering it in July-August

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LPG or cooking gas prices were hiked with effect from Sunday, September 1. The increase in the non-subsidised category is about Rs 16 per cylinder of 14.2 kilograms in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai, according to Indian Oil Corporation’s website – iocl.com. The 19 kg cylinder will be costlier by about Rs 50.
From September 1, the consumer will pay Rs 590.00 for every cylinder (14.2 KG) of non-subsidised LPG.

Non-subsidised LPG price for 19-KG cylinder

Metro Price (rupees per 19-kg cylinder)
From September 1 From August 1
Delhi 1,054.50 1,004
Kolkata 1,114.50 1,063.50
Mumbai 1,008.50 958
Chennai 1,174.50 1,123
(Source: iocl.com)

Non-subsidised LPG price for 14.2-KG cylinder  

Metro Price (rupees per 14.2-kg cylinder)
With effect from September 1 From August 1
Delhi 590 574.5
Kolkata 616.5 601
Mumbai 562 546.5
Chennai 606.5 590.5
(Source: iocl.com)

Currently, the government subsidises 12 cylinders of 14.2 kilograms each per household in a year. For any additional purchases, the consumer has to bear the market price.

In July and August, the non-subsidised prices of LPG were lowered by a total Rs 163 per cylinder (14.2 kilograms) each in Delhi and Mumbai. In Kolkata and Chennai, the non-subsidised LPG rates were cut by Rs. 162.5 per cylinder each. Indian Oil Corporation supplies cooking gas under brand Indane.


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