Major Leetul Gogoi’s seniority reduced for fraternising with Kashmiri woman

Major Leetul Gogoi

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Major Leetul Gogoi, who came into news after the “human shield controversy”, will have to undergo reduction in seniority and also face exit from Kashmir Valley. This has been confirmed by the Army headquarters. The steps have been taken as punishment handed down to him for “fraternising” with a local woman last year, officials said on Sunday.

A court martial had held Major Gogoi and his driver Sameer Malla guilty. The two have been found guilty on two counts – “fraternising” with a local woman in spite of instructions to the contrary and “being away from the place of duty while in operational area”, the officials said.

The company commander of the unit of Sameer Malla, who was facing charges of unauthorised absence, has been authorised to decide on his punishment which includes a “severe reprimand.”

Sameer Malla was recruited in the Territorial Army in 2017 and he was posted with 53 sector of Rashtriya Rifles, a counter-insurgency force fighting militancy in Jammu and Kashmir.

The proceedings of the court martial have been confirmed by the Army headquarters after which it was decided to shift him out the valley.

Major Gogoi and Sameer Malla’s summary of evidence was completed in early February, followed by the initiation of the court martial proceedings, they said.

The statements of both the accused as well as other witnesses were recorded by the Army court and the punishment, which has been vetted by the Army headquarters, has been given, they added.

The woman had expressed her unwillingness to depose during the court martial proceedings and informed the Army authorities that she had given a statement before a magistrate and the same should be treated as her final stand.

The woman had also stated that she had gone out with Major Gogoi on her own will.She also disclosed that she became a friend of the Army officer through his fake Facebook profile, where he had named himself Ubaid Arman.


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