It wasn’t the Swiss knife Major Handa used to kill Shailza…how did he kill her?

nikhil handa

Police are yet to recover the ‘bigger’ knife Handa allegedly used to slit Shailza’s throat in his car before running the vehicle over her 

The Hush Post: Days after army Major Nikhil Handa was arrested on alleged charges of killing Shailza Dwivedi, police have a new riddle to solve. Now it seems to have come to light that Handa probably did not kill Shailza with the Swiss knife. The weapon used in the crime is missing.

After the forensic report, it has come to light that Handa used a bigger knife to slit the throat of Shailza. In the police questioning, Handa revealed that he was carrying two knives and allegedly used the other knife to kill Shailza.

Police are yet to recover the ‘bigger’ knife that they say Handa allegedly used to slit Shailza’s throat in his Honda City car before running the vehicle over her on an isolated road at Brar Square. Meanwhile, cops have also recovered Handa’s second mobile phone from his home. The other one was recovered from his car. Handa had deleted all the data from both the phones.

Also, the police are yet to recover the clothes worn by Handa, and the motive behind the murder. Handa has allegedly been confusing the police by completely changing statements.

On Wednesday, the investigating team took Handa to the crime spot to recover the knife. Despite a five-hour-long search, the weapon could not be found. Shailza’s missing umbrella too is yet to be recovered.

Pocket knife with bloodstains on it was recovered from Handa’s car after he was detained. At that time, police had suspected the same knife was used by Major Handa to stab Shailza. They interrogated Handa and he revealed that he had two knives and used one to kill Shailza.

“Handa said that he threw one of the knives out of the car while fleeing the crime scene. Then, investigators believe he was misleading them because the knife could not be recovered despite two days of search,” said a police officer.

DCP (West) Vijay Kumar said the clothes Handa wore at the time of his arrest from Meerut were the same which he wore when he stabbed Shailza.

During the initial investigations, Handa had told police he had burnt the clothes he was wearing at the time of the crime and thrown them in a garbage dump close to his home in Saket.

However, the clothes could not be found in the garbage dump. Police later found out that he was wearing the same clothes during his arrest. “When confronted, he changed his statement, saying there were no bloodstains on his clothes. The clothes have now been sent for the forensic scrutiny,” said the officer.

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