Man duped by father-son duo of Rs 1.43 crore with fake NASA equipment

Man duped by father-son duo of Rs 1.43 crore with fake NASA equipment
Man duped by father-son duo of Rs 1.43 crore with fake NASA equipment. -Photo courtesy Business Today

The Hush Post: The Delhi Police have arrested a father-son duo for allegedly duping a man of Rs 1.43 crore with fake equipment they said had to be sold to NASA.

The arrested father-son duo has been identified as a 56-year-old man Virender Mohan Brar and his 30-year-old son Nitin Mohan Brar. The duo had allegedly duped a man, identified as Narendra, with an equipment, called Rice Puller (RP), about which they said that space agencies were eager to purchase for a whopping price of Rs 37,500 crore after checking its genuineness, Business Today reported on Wednesday.

Man duped by father-son duo of Rs 1.43 crore with fake NASA equipment
Man duped by father-son duo of Rs 1.43 crore with fake NASA equipment. -Photo courtesy Business Today

As per the report, the father-son duo made Narendra “invest” Rs 1.43 crore for enabling them to take the genuineness test of their equipment as the test was very costly. The duo had convinced their victim that the equipment would be sold at whopping amount to NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization).

The police said about three years ago, complainant Narendra came met an individual who explained the huge profits that were to be gained by investing in the RP, which was apparently required by the likes of NASA and DRDO.

In April 2015, Narendra got a call from a businessman who wanted to sale RP. Narendra then approached the individual who told him about RP and its lucrative avenues. After a few call forwards, a meeting was arranged between Narendra and Virender Brar who introduced himself as the MD of a company, M/S Rehan Metals that’s based in USA  with an office in Moti Nagar as well. Brar told Narendra that their company could arrange for the sale of RP to these organizations for Rs 37,500 crore per M/A once he buys the RP. The sale to these space organizations would happen after a genuineness testing by NASA and DRDO scientists that Narendra would have to fund. Brar also told Narendra that the scientists would give them Rs 10 crore immediately on the spot if the test went well.

Narendra ended up paying them lakhs of rupees in installments after signing an MoU with Virender Brar. He paid Rs 5.6 lakh, 19 lakh, Rs 24.6 lakh and Rs 38 lakh to arrange for the test, including anti-radiation suits, scientists’ fee and chemicals that were required for the test, the report said.

It was reported that the testing of the RP was scheduled in UP’s Hapur but was cancelled because apparently the place was not conducive to the test, following which the testing was cancelled for a couple of times more. At the same time, other associates pressurized Narendra to finalize the deal or they would sell the RP to another buyer.

Narendra was then introduced by an associate to another company, M/S Stars World Heritage based in East of Kailash, for a new deal on the RP and was assured that he would not be cheated. He again entered into an MoU and paid Rs 5.6 lakh, Rs 3.5 lakh and Rs 42 lakh for the same stuff he had paid earlier. This time the testing was scheduled in Dhramshala in Himachal Pradesh and was eventually called off because the sky was not clear.

When Narendra, who runs a garment business in Delhi, found out that even the scientists hired by the companies were fraud and were working on a salary of Rs 20,000, he reported the matter to the cops.

The police said the so-called product RP or Rice Puller does not exist. It is a device made up by the fraudsters to fool potential victims. They take a copper plate or utensil and coat it with liquid magnet. They fill the utensil with boiled rice with small iron wires and fool people by pulling the rice towards the magnet-coated plate. They also say that the object is a rare piece of copper that has been struck by thunderbolt in the hills of Uttarakhand thereby giving it ‘powers’ to pull the rice. It is much sought after by space agencies for advanced space research, the report said.

The conmen told their victims that the RP will be purchased by NASA/DRDO for thousands of crores but the organizations will test it before purchasing. They ask the victims to fund the testing that their company would arrange.

After registering the complaint, the cops arrested the father-son duo who deal in antique/rare metals. During the probe, the RP copper plate, alleged anti-radiation suits, alleged anti-radiation chemical stickers were recovered from the accused along with laptop, printer, blank letter heads of Rehan Metals, cheque books, fake IDs and an Audi car, the police said.

Other than fake NASA equipment, Brar has a notorious portfolio of selling objects like magic mirror, two-headed snakes, Naagmani and so on.

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