Man kills live-in partner, scribbles strange messages on walls, then commits suicide

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A 26-year-old man committed suicide after slitting the throat of his live-in partner at Chhatarpur in Delhi. The man suspected his live-in partner of infidelity, police said.
What is strange is when the police reached the house, they found sentences scribbled in red and black paint on the floor, walls and mirrors in the house.

The messages read ‘Suicide is the last resort of depression’ ; ‘Existence is suffering’; ‘We are all evil’; I’ m suicidal’, ‘infidelity’,etc. The body of the 23-yr-old woman was found in the same room.
The victim it seems was fond of painting as she was was a graphic designer. The accused used her pencil and colours to scribble messages.
He also penned a two-page suicide note in which he wrote about loving her. He also mentioned in the note about losing his mobile phone which had some “special moments” of the couple.
Another friend of the couple was staying in the same flat. The man wrote on the door of her room, ‘You were spared’, a news report quoted sources as saying.
Two diaries of the couple were also found from the spot. It mentions about ‘special moments’ spent with each other and their daily routine.
The man was a digital marketing executive. Both had been living in the flat since July this year.

Psychological autopsy might tell about his mental state

According to a news report, experts have said such cases require psychological autopsy. An officer probing the case said, “The deceased had scribbled on unconventional surface. Investigators, in cases like these, should opt for psychological autopsy to ascertain the mind-set of the person”.
There is a psychological autopsy unit at the Forensic Science Laboraory, Rohini. The unit was set up recently after the infamous Burari case in which 11 members of a family were found dead under mysterious circumstances.

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