Manu Sharma to be out of jail soon ? HC asks jail authorities to decide on his parole in week’s time

manu sharma parole
Jessica Lal murder convict Manu Sharma’s lawyers has told the Delhi High court that his parole request has been pending for nearly nine months.

'Decide Within A Week': Court On Manu Sharma's Parole Request

Murder-convict Manu Sharma has not availed any parole this year, his lawyers argued.

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Could Manu Sharma be release soon? The Delhi High Court on Monday asked jail authorities to decide as fast as possible on Jessica Lal murder convict Manu Sharma’s parole plea within a week.

Manu Sharma’s lawyers told the court that his plea seeking parole has been pending with the authorities for nearly nine months when they are required to decide on it within four weeks.

“The jail authorities are directed to dispose of the parole plea of the petitioner (Sharma) within a week,” the court said.

Senior advocate Sudhir Nandrajog and lawyer Amit Sahni, appearing for Manu Sharma, submitted that he be released on parole for eight weeks for taking care of his social ties and to look after his family.

Delhi government standing counsel Rahul Mehra said Manu Sharma should first wait for the decision of jail authorities on his plea and seek High Court’s intervention if needed.

He said Manu Sharma is already in an open jail which means that from morning till sunset, he goes to his work outside the boundaries of jail.

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