Mata Savinder Hardev of Sant Nirankari mission dies, cremation on Wednesday

savinder kaur dead

The Hush Post: The fifth Guru of Sant Nirankari mission Mata Savinder Hardev died here today in Delhi.

It is being said that she was not well for quite some time.

The body of Mata Savinder Hardev has been kept at Ground Number 8, Burari, Delhi.savinder kaur dead

She died at 5:05 pm. Lakhs of followers have started thronging to Delhi to pay their homage to the departed soul.

The Sant Nirankari followers can pay obeisance to Mata  Savinder Hardev till the night of August 7. Her last journey will begin on Wednesday morning on August 8 from Ground number 8, Burari and the body will be taken to Nigambodh ghat.

Earlier, Sister Sudiksha was announced as the spiritual head of the Sant Nirankari Mission.

The mission was set up in 1929 by Buta Singh. The sect follows the Satguru tradition that professes realisation of god through the teacher.

Mata Savinder became the head of the Mission after the death of Nirankari Satguru Baba Hardev in the road accident. The mishap took place when he was travelling to attend a spiritual gathering in May 2016 in Canada.

In an unrelated issues, about two months ago, a controversy erupted when another daughter of late Baba Hardev Singh the former chief of Sant Nirankari mission got an FIR registered against her husband Sandeep Khinda and nine others for allegedly committing fraud.


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