“Modern Girl is selfish” – changing definition of new era girl in ICSE, CBSE textbook

The Hush Post: The new definition of “Modern Girl” given in the textbook of the CBSE, ICSE, ISC for the students of the Secondary and Higher Secondary School classes has kicked a storm.

According to the textbook, a ‘modern girl’ is self-centered and too selfish to think about others and cares only about clothes and cosmetics. The book of essays called ‘Current School Essays and Letters’ is meant for 15-16-year-old school children and is written by an author Purabi Chakraborty from Kolkata, a report said.

Modern girl 1

An image of the write-up on Modern Girl.

The essay reads: “She is more a self-centered creature than a loving daughter or sympathetic sister. She is eager to enjoy life fully and so she does not want to miss any party, cinema show, concert, fashion parades and such outdoor activities. She talks and makes friends with boys freely and easily.”

Modern girl 2

Kolkata-based Abhik Hazara shared the image of the book after noticing this in his cousin’s book. Besides, the book also highlights the role of parents and other family members in the modern girl’s upbringing. As soon as the image of this book hit the internet, many start commenting and expressing their disagreement, the report said.

Modern girl 3

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