Major Nikhil Handa had 3 more ‘girlfriends’ moments after killing Shailza he confessed to one

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The Hush Post: Moments after the alleged murder of Shauilza Dwivedi, Major Nikhil Handa called and ‘confessed’ about the murder to one of his ‘girlfriends’ in Delhi.

A police officer interrogating Nikhil Handa who went through the contents on his mobile phones said the accused officer had at least ‘three girlfriends’ in Delhi.

The woman he allegedly called and informed about the murder is much older to him, police said. “He is most attached to this woman. But when he told her about the brutal murder of Shailza Dwivedi, she thought he was bluffing and disconnected the call. She did not feel the need to alert the police,” said the officer.

The woman was interrogated by the cops but was ignorant about Handa’s crime, which investigators said was “pre-planned”. Investigators said they had made conscious efforts to ensure her relationship remains a secret.

“The woman is a divorcee and has grown-up children. We tried to ensure her relatives or neighbours did not get a whiff about her relations with Handa,” said the officer.

Handa had become friends with some of these women by allegedly creating a fake Facebook profile to send friend requests to unknown women.

“Handa had come across Shailza’s Facebook profile while surfing from the fake account but did not send a friend request when he realised she too was the wife of an Indian Army Major. Instead, he met her directly during a get-together,” said the officer.

Handa told his interrogators that Shailza was ‘obsessed’ with him though her family, as well as the police, maintained that it must have been the other way round.

Police said she was killed for objecting to his marriage proposal and unwanted advances.

“Each of these women he has had an affair with or was chasing had a faint idea of his several affairs but he was able to convince them to continue their relationships with him,” said the interrogator.

To propose to Shailza, Handa arrived in Delhi on June 4 under the pretext of treatment for migraine. Instead, he was using the opportunity to allegedly confront and interact with Shailza at the Army’s Base Hospital in Delhi cantonment where she was coming for physiotherapy sessions.

It was the visit to the hospital that turned out to be the end of life for Shailza. “When Shailza’s husband Amit Dwivedi could not contact his wife on Saturday, he visited the hospital and requested to see CCTV footage. In the footage, Amit spotted Handa. He was alerted as Handa was posted in Dimapur in Nagaland and wasn’t supposed to be in Delhi,” said the investigator.

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