Muslim man denied permission to perform ‘shradh’ of deceased Hindu wife, temple management says woman no longer Hindu

Without expressing any regrets, Bhoumik said, “We did this to pay respect to our Hindu traditions and rituals”  

The Hush Post: A Muslim man was denied permission to perform Shradh for his late Hindu wife by a temple society in Delhi’s Bengali-majority. The reason given was that the woman no longer remained a Hindu after marrying a Muslim man even though she didn’t convert into Islam.

Kolkata’s Imtiaz Ur Rehman had married Nivedita Ghatak twenty years ago under the Special Marriage Act. Nivedita passed away in Delhi last week after multi-organ failure. She was then cremated with proper Hindu rituals at the Nigam Bodh Ghat in Delhi, however, the temple society at the Chitranjan Park area refused permission to perform Shradh in the temple.

Imtiaz Ur Rehman, who works as an Assistant Commissioner (Commercial Tax) with the West Bengal government, had approached the Kali Mandir Society on August 6 and made a booking for August 12 after paying a sum of Rs. 1300. According to him, the temple society later cancelled his booking for ‘obvious reasons’.

Meanwhile, the temple society chief Ashitav Bhoumik, when contacted said that Imtiaz Ur Rehman’s request was refused owing to ‘numerous reasons’. He alleged that Rehman ‘concealed his identity’ and made a booking in the name of his daughter Ihini Ambreen, ‘which in no way seems Arabic or a Muslim name’.

Bhoumik further told news agency IANS that “We came to know about his religious identity when a Priest raised some doubts. He asked Imtiaz Ur Rehman about his Gotra. Obvioulsy, he had no answer to it and there is no Gotra system in Islam. His wife can no longer be treated as a Hindu as a woman takes the surname of her in-laws and their beliefs and becomes a part of that society.”

Without expressing any regrets, Bhoumik said, “We did this to pay respect to our Hindu traditions and rituals”.

On being told that it was the dying wish of a woman who practiced Hinduism, Bhoumik said, “Who knows that man might be having ill intentions and he might have come to the temple with his 50-100 relatives and offered Namaz here, what could have we done then? Should we have allowed that?”

Bhoumik also questioned as to why he chose to perform the Shradh in Delhi when he could have done the same in Kolkata.

Meanwhile, Imtiaz Ur Rehman refuted the allegations and said that religion was a personal matter for him and it never came in between his marital life.  “I wanted to perform her rites like the way she used to do, because if she would have been alive, she would have asked me to do so”.  Imtiaz Ur Rehman was unable to perform Nivedita’s Shradh till the report was filed.

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