WATCH VIDEO of Modi trying to appease Naidu much before the recent resignation of 2 TDP ministers

Just as Naidu tries to move away from Narendra Modi, the PM sensing the trouble that Naidu wasn’t happy pulls Naidu towards him as the onlooking crowd cheers

The Hush Post: After the resignation of two TDP ministers from the Narendra  Modi–led NDA  government,  the Prime Minister had a word with Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu over the phone on Friday. Naidu had earlier said that the Prime Minister was not available for talks, before the two ministers resigned. An undated video is doing the rounds on Whatsapp where Narendra Modi seems to be  going an extra step to mollify Chandrababu Naidu by forcibly making him take a seat next to him on the dias. Here he pulls an away-going Naidu on the stage and makes him sit next to him by physically pulling him. Sources say, this video is in the run-up to the Mehbubnagar polls in Andhra.

After the telephonic conversation between Modi and Naidu, the TDP has agreed to soften its stand and to withhold the decision to pull out of the NDA government. The TDP is expecting a decision on special status demand for Andhra Pradesh in the ongoing session of Parliament. Going by Narendra Modi’s antics in mustering nay-sayers to his side, let us see if NaMo magic works with Naidu and his party.

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