Now, rate your leader on NETA app | NETA app is an early indicator of a leader’s performance

NETA app is developed by Pratham Mittal, son of the couple who runs the Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar

The Hush Post: Now, an app has been developed for allowing the voters to rate the performance of their political representatives. This app, christened as NETA, has been founded by Pratham Mittal, son of the couple who runs the Lovely Professional University (LPU), Jalandhar.

Pratham Mittal’s father Ashok Mittal is the LPU chancellor and mother Rashmi is the LPU pro-chancellor.

According to NETA app founder Pratham Mittal, the app’s aim is to foster political accountability by being an early indicator of how the performance of a leader is being perceived by voters, a report said.

The app was launched by former President Pranab Mukherjee at his residence in New Delhi, on Friday. While launching the app, the former President said that a good democracy cannot work without informed voters, good leaders and complete transparency and accountability, it was reported.

Before its formal launch on Friday, this app had been running in the beta mode for the last eight months. And during this period the Karnataka assembly polls were held.

Pratham Mittal reportedly said that a total of 93 per cent of the leaders who had the highest ratings actually ended up winning in the Karnataka elections.

Mittal’s company has claimed that over 1.5 crore verified voters have already rated or reviewed their local leaders across all 543 parliamentary constituencies and 4,120 assembly constituencies in the country on the NETA app, the report said.

The company has claimed that now its target is to have 100 million users on the platform before the 2019 General Election.

The app uses multiple mediums like IVR calls, SMS and even offline activations with the help of Aashawadi and Aanganwadi workers to ensure participation across demographies, including the rural areas, the report said.

The company, however, has no immediate plans to monetise the business.

“We do not have a monetisation plan. Right now, we do not have too many expenses. We just want to build credibility. Monetisation will come down the road,” Mittal was quoted by Moneycontrol. “But we will not go to business houses or political parties. We will figure out other ways. For example, we will work with media organisations. If we have this data, maybe we can share it with media houses in exchange of a small licensing fee,” he added.

The company has been funded by friends and family and has no plans to raise an institutional round. Both his parents run the Lovely Professional University. His father, Ashok Mittal, is the chancellor while mother Rashmi is the pro-chancellor of the university.

Pratham Mittal has a Bachelor’s degree in engineering and political science from the University of Pennsylvania. Before founding NETA app, Pratham Mittal had founded Outgrow, a growth marketing platform that enables marketers to build interactive content or tools to increase customer engagement and boost demand generation, the report said.

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