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aishe ghosh mirror image

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Two photographs of JNSU president Aishe Ghosh have been juxtaposed together to portray that she plastered different arms at different times. This was in order to malign her image and tell the world that she was looking for sympathy. Thus suggesting that her injuries are fake. Ghosh was injured during violence in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) where masked goons attacked students on January 5. Shefali Vaidya was among those who made such allegations later took it down.

RSS-affiliated ABVP’s national organising secretary Ashish Chauhan also shared the images. Though, now he has deleted the tweet. It was later retweeted by Dr Vijay Chauthaiwale, in-charge of BJP’s foreign affairs department.


Aishe Ghosh’s left arm is plastered, not the right. The photograph used to portray plaster on her right arm has been mirrored.

A comparison of the viral image with the one above evidently proves that the former has been mirrored. The similarities in both pictures are the following:

  1. The man near the injured arm.
  2. The man in the black jacket standing behind Aishe Ghosh.
  3. The woman in red sweater beside the man in the black jacket.

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