PM Modi’s perfect PR interview with Akshay Kumar to woo voters with his soft side; WATCH VIDEO

The Hush Post | 14:15 | One-minute read

In a soft electioneering tactic during the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a light-hearted candid interview to Akshay Kumar. In the over one-hour long casual interview, he spoke about his friendship with Opposition leaders despite their political rivalry.

The PM said that West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee sends him kurtas and sweets once or twice every year.

During the interview at 7 Lok Kalyan Marg, the PM’s residence, PM Modi also revealed that he always cared about dressing properly because of how he felt as a child from a poor family.

“I sometimes used to feel inferior because I was poor. So I would dress up properly. I would put hot coal in a lota (steel container) to iron my clothes with it.”

Digging into his childhood further, the PM said that he did not have shoes. “My uncle once got canvas shoes, could be for around Rs 8 or 10. The shoes would get dirty, so after class I would collect pieces of chalk and get them home to clean the shoes the next morning,” PM Modi recalled.

Since the interview was all about but politics and election, the PM disclosed to Akshay that he loves mangoes. “I love mangoes. Gujrat has a tradition pf Aamras as well,” the PM said.

When the actor asked PM three things he would ask from a genie, Modi said he wished for people to stop believing in genies.

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