PM Narendra Modi biopic official trailer suggests it is promotional film | Already has over 2 crore viewers on YouTube; WATCH VIDEO

PM Narendra Modi biopic

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The producers of a biopic on Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday told the Election Commission that the filmmakers had no link with the Bharatiya Janata Party. They also said that they had put in their personal money to make the film as per a report in The Indian Express.

However, a look at the official trailer of the film gives a hint that it is a promotional film. The dialogues spoken by a character who looks akin to Pravin Togadia:“RSS ek sangathan nahi Sena hai,”  clearly brings out the right-wing ideological bent with which the film seems to have been made.

Even as the Congress has gone to the Election Commission seeking delay in the release of the film, The Narendra Modi biopic official trailer has already been viewed by more than 2 crore viewers.

Also, the trailer shows probably the time of Emergency, where the actor playing Indira Gandhi can be seen saying a dialogue: “Giraftar kar lo unhe.”  The trailer shows ‘little to nothing’ regarding Godhra riots, which almost brought Modi’s electoral career to an end.

From the trailer, it seems like a one-sided attempt — an attempt to show PM Narendra Modi’s positive side only. While there is nothing objectionable in it, with elections around the corner, it does seemingly give an impression to show the Congress in bad light and PM Modi as a messiah.

Last week, the Election Commission had issued notice to the makers of PM Narendra Modi and the BJP following the Opposition’s demand that the film’s release be postponed till the Lok Sabha elections are over.

If the Election Commssion finds nothing objectionable in the film, it will be released on April 5, a week before the elections begin on April 11. The last phase of the elections will be held on May 19 and the results will be declared on May 23.

The producers of the film – Anand K Pandit, Sandeep Ssingh, Manish Acharya and Suresh Oberoi – have responded to the poll panel’s notice. However, the BJP is yet to do so, PTI reported quoting unidentified officials.

“The said film has been made as a commercial venture by our clients and other producers who are from the film industry,” said lawyer Hitesh Jain on behalf of the producers, according to The Indian Express.

While the filmmakers have claimed that postponing the film will amount to violation of freedom of speech and expression and “demeans the intellect of the electorate”, The Times of India has reported.

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