PUBG Mobile imposes six-hour playing restrictions for Indian players

The Hush Post | 2:20 pm| One-minute read

After frequent arrests in India and people’s concern over excessive playing of the game, Tencent Games & PUBG Corporation have finally taken a step towards eradicating the issue. Gamers says that PUBG (Player’s Unknown Battleground Mobile) makers have put a six-hour restriction on the play time.

The restriction is only for the Indian players. The restrictions anywhere else dos not stand. PUBG Mobile did not respond to the queries of alleged restrictions.

As part of the new restriction, the gamers say that they get the first warning after two hours of the gameplay. The second warning they get after 4 hours and then after 6 hours, a pop-up labelling “health-reminder” is shown.

Players are warned that they have played for six hours and they can come back after 24 hours lapse.

This restriction came up after the PUBG ban in Gujarat. Also, the Chinese government recently banned PUBG Mobile for players under the age of 13.

Many Indian players who played for over six hours on Thursday are still receiving the notifications to wait for some more time to play. After the arrests and ban in Rajkot, PUBG Mobile issued a statement which said that they are trying to understand the legal basis of restriction. In its statement, PUBG Mobile said that game is made for entertainment purpose only and should be enjoyed in a healthy manner.

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