SHOCKING VIDEO: Railway staff fill tea-kettles with water from train toilets, then serve you hot tea

The video has drawn widespread outrage across the nation as lakhs of people travel in trains

The Hush Post: Travelling via Indian Railways and craving for some tea? Well, after you go through this, tea on train will be the last thing on your mind. A shocking video, which has gone viral, shows Railways employees filling up their tea-kettles from the train toilets. Tea made with the same water was being served to the passengers on board.

The video was posted by one Punit Tyagi on Twitter while travelling on an Indian Railways train. Utterly shocked, Punit wrote, “Indian Railways tea. Is ther anyboday who can look jt into it”? The video has drawn widespread outrage across the nation where to lakhs of people travel in trains.

While the water available in Indian trains is known to be the most unhygienic, it can be best used inside the toilets only. The revelation that the same water is being used in making tea has really sparked a fury. Having tea during train journey was possibly one of the best pass times one could have. I would be no longer, it seems.


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