‘Eggs Kejriwal’, is celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s latest dish, twitter in splits

The Hush Post | 9:23 pm | One-minute read

Renowned celebrity chef, Sanjeev Kapoor’s made a new recipe of eggs and has given a reason to laugh to many on internet. The reason for it is the name of the dish which is ‘Eggs Kejriwal.’

The already worldwide famous dish is made of crisp toast with toppings of fried eggs, avocado, chillies, and mint mayo. Though the dish is a delight for the egg lovers, it’s unusual name has made it popular on Twitter.

While some on Twitter are advising Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to charge them for using his name, others are just confused about the dish’s name. However, one Twitter user suggested AAP MLA Kapil Mishra to have “Eggs Kejriwal” in breakfast, as he had a fall out with the party.

Also, one made fun of Kejriwal’s odd-even policy saying that she would use white bread on odd days whereas on even days, she would use brown bread to make the dish.

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