Sikh man allegedly denied entry in a Delhi restaurant due to his attire

The Hush Post | 7:55 pm | One-minute read

A Sikh man in Delhi alleged that he was denied to enter Delhi’s ‘We Qutub’ restaurant because of his attire.

The Sikh man named Param Sahib took to social networking site Instagram and accused the restaurant staff of misbehaving with him and his female friends on last Saturday.

In his post, he wrote, “Hi @wequtub, today later (sic) in the evening, I along with my friends was not allowed inside the premises on the grounds of being a Sardar and having an untrimmed beard, with a reason saying that I am not cool enough as per the other Hindu gentry.” He also alleged that the restaurant staff spoke with a crass attitude with his female friends.

Param reportedly told ANI that after posting the incident on Instagram, the restaurant owners were trying to contact him.

“The owner of the restaurant is in Dubai and he did not bother to say sorry. We asked them to post an official apology and to organize langar for 100 poor kids,” said Param.

However, the restaurant authorities later posted an apology on its Instagram account.

According to the reports, the restaurant employee in question was also fired. In the apology post, the restaurant authorities agreed to Param’s request of organizing langar at a gurudwara soon.

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