Delhi police rescue 6 Africans amidst rumours of child kidnapping and cannibalism


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Delhi police on Thursday night rescued six African nationals, including four Tanzanian women and two Nigerian men, from different parts of Dwarka. The locals had held them hostage in a building on the suspicion of child kidnapping and cannibalism.

Rumour had spread in West Delhi’s Dwarka that some Africans had kidnapped a boy. Delhi police said that it received numerous calls and one even accused them of kidnapping a child.

The police rescued four Africans, including two women, from a building in Hari Vihar, Kakrola, outside which around 200 people had gathered.

It was “not a racial attack”, the police said. “After we received a call, we reached the site of the incident, dispersed the crowd and rescued two Tanzanian women. Crowd had gathered following the kidnapping rumours. We had also received a call about kidnapping. It was a hoax call. We rescued the Tanzanian and Nigerian nationals,” Delhi Police was quoted as saying by

The police rescued two more Tanzanian women from Old Palam Road in Dwarka after a mob surrounded them.

A video of the instance showed a group of more than 100 residents in Kakrola village accusing two Tanzanian women of having abducted a minor boy and eating him.







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