Stopped for traffic violation, Delhi woman threatens to commit suicide, let off

The Hush Post | 5:20 pm | One-minute read

A woman near Kashmiri Gate in Delhi threatened traffic police to commit suicide for being challaned on Saturday. According to the reports, the traffic police officials stopped the woman riding a scooter. The police personnel reportedly said that the woman was using her mobile phone while driving. She was not wearing her helmet properly and the number plate of her scooter was broken.

When the police stopped her, she started shouting. Initially, she requested the officials to let her go but the officials did not listen. After that, she started crying and said that she was feeling unwell.

The police reportedly said that she threw her helmet while arguing with the police. She called her mother and complained about the challan. She threatened the police that she would hang herself. She also asked what the officers would do if she kills herself.

Eventually, the police officers let her go and did not fine her.

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