Royal miss to royal dinner| SC lawyer Utsav Bains gives cold shoulder before the dinner is hosted…..Details inside

Utsav Bains

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The first to openly remind the British of the atrocities they committed as rulers in India was the former Union minister Shashi Tharoor. While that was in England, a young dynamic Supreme Court lawyer, Utsav Bains, who mostly fights cases for the have-nots and those on the margins of society, has done the same: He has said a royal no to the invitation extended for the Queen’s birthday dinner.

This, even as the beeline gets longer each year for the event, which for many becomes a thing of entering higher echelons of social status and an easy name dropping tool. However, Bains says, he would like to give the dinner a miss.

He said in a long reply with curt meaning: Thank you for the invite but after much thought, I have decided to give it a miss. I know many here find it an honour to be invited by the British High Commission for their events and elite parties but my conscious doesn’t allow me to turn my face away and ignore the past we share. A reminder of which is a horrifying news just reported a day back about the complicity of the British Empire in the death of 3 million Indians and enjoy some single malt at the dinner hosted by the British High Commission in honor of their Queen’s birthday.

He further said that he would see this as an act of betrayal “to my motherland.”  He added: “I have decided to boycott all functions hosted under the aegis of the British Government or the Crown until the British Government or the Crown publicly apologises for the crimes against humanity committed by their predecessors by intentionally aiding the death of 3 million poorest of the poor Indians by denying them a morsel of food to survive and causing the 1943 Bengal Hunger Genocide.”

It was the article published by Sandy Ramesh of ‘The Print’ on 31st March, 2019 which detailed evidence and facts about how the British Empire organised the worst hunger genocide in human history. She writes “a study very recently scientifically confirmed that 1943 Bengal famine that caused the death of over 3 million people in British India was caused by the then-British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s policies, and not a drought. The study, published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters was conducted by researchers from IIT-Gandhinagar, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), and the Indian Meteorological department.

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