Wednesday was Delhi’s hottest day in March in 8 years

Wednesday was Delhi’s hottest day in March in 8 yearsThe Hush Post: As predicted earlier by Indian Meteorological Department,  summer is going to be harsh this year. In a prelude, the day temperature in Delhi touched 38.6 degrees Celsius on Wednesday, the second hottest day in March in the Capital since 2010. In Palam, it was 40.6. This summer will be hotter, IMD said, with mean temperatures between March and May being 1 degree Celsius above normal.

“Usually, Delhi-NCR receives around 10 western disturbances (WD) during the winter months. WDs help to trigger rain in the plains of northwest India and snow in the hills. This helps to keep a check on the rising temperatures at least up to March as there is moisture in the soil. But this year, the NCR region received around four WDs resulting in less rain and snowfall. With little moisture left in the soil, temperatures are rising fast”

Kuldeep  Srivastava,  senior scientist, regional weather forecasting centre, New Delhi

In 2010, the temperature had touched 39.2 degrees on March 22, the hottest day Delhi has witnessed this decade in this month.

“Palam experienced a heat wave-like condition on Wednesday as the day temperature crossed the 40-degree Celsius mark, which was at least eight degrees above normal,”  Srivastava told a national daily.

“The day temperature would continue to hover between 36 degrees to 38 degrees over the next few days in the absence of any cloud cover. The clear sky would help to build up the heat during the day,” said a senior met official.

Met officials explained that one of the reasons because of which temperatures across northwest India are rising is because of low rainfall and snowfall in the winter.A heat wave is declared when the day temperature in at least two to three adjacent observatories crosses 40 degrees Celsius and the departure from normal is more than five degrees.


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