“Descendents” of Lord Rama crop up in Rajasthan; After a BJP MP, a Congress leader lays claim

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Days after the Supreme Court asked whether there were any descendants of Lord Ram now, people claiming to be the “real descendents” of Lord Rama have cropped up in Rajasthan.

On Saturday Jaipur princess and Rajsamand MP Diya Kumari claimed that her family has descended from Lord Ram’s son Kush. She was joined in by the Mewar royalty which also asserted the descent from the deity. And now, a Rajasthan Congress spokesperson has claimed the distinction.

Satendra Raghav contended, “The Raghav Rajputs are the real descendants of Ram”. Raghav has cited Valmiki’s Ramayana for his claim saying his family is from the Badgurjar Gotra which sprang up in the third generation of Luv, the elder son of Lord Rama.

In his Facebook post, Raghav said his family belonged to the Alwar ‘thikana’ (royalty).  “The kingdom of Luv spread towards North Kaushal which comes under Ayodhya now while (Lord Ram’s younger son) Kush spread his empire in South Kaushal which comes under Chhattisgarh. On page 1,671 of the ‘Ramayana’, it is said that Badgujar clan came from Luv,” said Raghav, a relative of late former Vice President Bhairon Singh Shekhawat.


Earlier, Rajsamand MP Diya Kumari claimed, “I just responded through a tweet on the query of the Hon’ble Supreme Court Judge: ‘If there are any descendants of Lord Ram?’ We are direct descendants of Kush, which is why the descendants are known as Kushwahas and the Kachwahas. We have the relevant documents of our lineage in the City Palace Museum. Earlier, in 1992, my father, late Sawai Bhawani Singh Ji had submitted the documents to the Allahabad High Court. He is the 309th descendant of Kush. We are not the only descendants of Lord Ram – there must be millions all over the world,” she said in a statement.

Jaipur princess Diya Kumari

Mewar scion Vishvaraj Singh too made a similar statement.  “I do state with conviction that my family had descended from Ikshvaku to Lord Ram. This is also the accepted belief of many.

However, the Jaipur and Mewar royalties say they won’t be the party to the Ram Janambhoomi suit, but would provide the documents if the apex court asks.


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