Pilots shut down functional engine of GoAir plane instead of damaged one, jeopardised 156 lives: DGCA report

The Hush Post | 9:30 pm | Two-minute read

Pilots had carelessly shut down the functional engine of a GoAir aircraft instead of a damaged one during a flight from Delhi to Mumbai. The incident took place in June 2017. Fortunately, no major mishap had occurred as the pilot realised his mistake on time. The plane was brought back to Delhi airport on a single engine. 156 passengers were aboard the flight.

A Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) report has now revealed that an engine of the plane was damaged due to a bird-hit as soon it took off from Delhi. The report which was prepared in November 2018, says that a bird had hit engine-2 of the A320 flight of GoAir on the morning of June 21, 2017.

DGCA report says that the pilot in-charge decided to carry on with the flight despite hearing abnormal sounds during take-off. The pilot intended to deal with the problem after stabilising in air.

“The situation was assessed erroneously even after the take-off and despite switching off damaged engine-2, engine-1 was shut down. The plane managed to remain in air for 3 minutes on an impaired engine,” the report said.

“The plane stopped rising after reaching an altitude of 3330 feet. At this point of time the pilots realised their mistake. They tried to restart engine-1 but couldn’t do so at the first attempt,” added the report.

The DGCA report says that engine-1 started on the second attempt following which the plane was brought back to Delhi airport.

“On inspection blood stains were found on engine-2. Two blades of the engine had been damaged due to bird-hit,” said the report.

The report has recommended action against the pilots for ‘wrong identification of the engine, misjudging the situation, improperly using the cockpit resources and wrong handling in an emergency situation”.


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