Doc ferries newborn on mobike to save life amid Covid-19

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The Hush Post| 16:21 pm| one-minute-read|

Amidst Covid-19 crisis, there are many stories of medics and para-medics doing heroic work in the hospitals.

Here is another such story of a newborn in the neighbouring Alibaug town, who was taken to a neonatal facility by a doctor on his two-wheeler when he developed respiratory problems just minutes after his birth.

Alibaug resident Shweta Patil developed labour pains in the early hours of Friday. She was rushed to a nearby nursing home by her husband Ketan amid the COVID-19 lockdown. For the couple, who had already lost their first child within hours of birth, getting the right care at the right time was crucial.

“Shweta is a diabetic, and she was immediately put on medication to keep her sugar level under control,” Ketan said.
Considering Shweta’s medical history and condition, the local gynaecologist, who had delivered her first child, called in neonatologist and paediatrician Dr Rajendra Chandorkar for assistance.

A c-section was performed and a baby boy, weighing 3.1 kg, was delivered.

But, the doctor’s relief was short-lived as the newborn turned blue a sign of all’s not well. “The diagnosis was transient tachypnea of newborn (TTN) and the baby needed neonatal care urgently,” he said.

With no means of transportation available due to the lockdown, the newborn was taken to Chandorkar’s hospital on the doctor’s two-wheeler. “I admitted the baby to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and put him on oxygen support and his condition stabilised after 12 hours,” he said.
“It was an overwhelming experience for me. The baby held on to my finger during examination and I just wanted to assure him that he was safe and will get well soon,” he said.


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