Celebrate the selfless spirit of doctors today | Doctors’ Day special!

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“Whatever you do, do with full determination” The famous quote and life’s anecdote applies on doctors, who save lives. They spend most of their life in professional education, higher education, practical and intellectual knowledge. They do their duty.

It’s time to say ‘Thank You’ to doctors who work hard to make our lives disease-free and better. This Doctors’ Day, let’s give them their due – a little appreciation. Here are some dedicated doctors of Ludhiana who have a message for aspiring doctor .



Senior Consultant, Surgery & Surgical Oncology Ludhiana Mediciti

Having served humanity for almost his entire life, Dr Satish Jain is the first doctor to join the prestigious biggest 325 bedded cancer centre of North since 1983. Dr Satish has performed maximum number of cancer surgeries including onco-surgery, ortho-oncology, & neck-oncology and has performed many breast surgeries in Northern India.

For his great contribution to the field, Dr Satish Jain was recognised with the “Rashtriya Rattan Award” in 2007 by then Haryana Governor Dr AR Kidwai. Furthermore, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award by SN Jain School in 2009 for distinguished Onco Surgeon in the region.

“Having been in this field for quite a long time, I have realised we should always share as much as we can. This is my motive in life too. For all aspiring doctors I would just like to say that one should have patience while dealing with patients, and should also work on their own capabilities. This is a very important part of the doctor’s field.” – Dr. Satish Jain



MBBS, MD, WHO Fellowship 1996


In the medical profession for more than 30 years, Dr Alka Dogra worked as Professor and head at DMCH, Ludhiana. Later, she took premature retirement from DMCH and now is running her own clinic ‘Skin Solutions Clinic’. She believes in lending a helping hand to aspiring doctors. She has helped in the completion of post-graduation of more than 20 doctors.

This experienced doctor is the author of a skin care book ‘Eternal Glow’ that explains how one can have the perfect skin. She has written many publications for 50 national as well as international papers.

“For what is happening now a days, a doubt has been raised on the profession of doctors. We are not gods but can try our best to save a patient. The present generation of aspiring doctors are leaving their practices mid-way or are migrating to other countries. My advice to aspiring doctors would be that ‘always do what your professional ethics tell you to do, that’s it’.”- Dr Alka Dogra




Senior Consultant Psychiatrist SPS HOSPITAL

Dr Sandeep Goyal has marked his place in the field with his remarkable contribution to society. Being in the field for more than 15 years, this experienced doctor treats his patients with a whole lot of patience. He has treated many patients facing mental disorders by counseling and proper treatment.

Dr Sandeep has written around 20 publications both nationally and internationally. He has attended many conferences sharing his ideas being a psychiatrist. Currently, he is working on writing a book for Psychiatry doctors on the basics and professional approach to this field.

“Being a doctor I feel that society’s view is becoming a little negative when it comes to doctors. But , doctors must not forget about the vows they take before entering the field. We must treat the patients without any demands and conditions. For aspiring doctors, I suggest them to work hard and be smart at the same time. Also, you must work with presence of mind because one needs it immensely in the field of medicine.”- Dr. Sandeep Goyal


MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine), Fellowship in Renal Management

Managing Director and Consultant Physician at Sham Nursing Home Heart Centre

Dr. Seemant Garg is Managing Director of Sham Nursing Home Heart Centre in Moga. With more than 10 years of experience, he is a consultant physician. His field includes prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of various diseases like chest diseases, cardiac diseases, diabetes, and other infectious diseases.

He has attended many scientific and medical sessions in various medical conferences. Within his medical career, he has treated thousands of patients and given them a normal life .

‘We cannot think about our society without a doctor. Doctors should give 100 per cent every time. Doctors should develop a skill for evidence-based medicine. My message to the aspiring doctors would be to gain as much knowledge as they can. Since medicine is a profession for the service of mankind, one must work with patience to ensure the patient’s well being which is our sole motto.’- Dr Seemant Garg


MBBS, MD Medicine, DNB medical and Hemato-Oncology, PDCR, ECRO

Director of Deep Hospital

Being a Europe certified medical oncologist, Dr Amit Dhiman has spent more than 15 years of his experience treating cancer patients. He has been attending national and international conferences not only as a faculty but as a delegate as well.

This expert embodies the spirit of learning even during his practicing years. He is a director at Deep Hospital treating cancer patients and performing bone marrow transplants.

“As per today’s scenario, society must understand the situation of doctors. They are not God but humans themselves. We can only apply our maximum knowledge to any case. I remember when I entered the medical college the first thing I read was that we can only treat and cure but the end result is in the hands of Nature. That’s the utmost truth.

My message to all the medical students would be from the Holy book Gita which says that one should selflessly perform good deeds without expecting anything in return. Your hard work will pay off automatically.”- Dr Amit Dhiman


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