Doctors remove 52 kg plastic waste from sick cow’s stomach

The Hush Post  | 7:50 pm | One-minute read|

The doctors at Tamil Nadu’s Veterinary and Animal Sciences University removed 52 kg plastic from a cow’s stomach. According to the reports, it took five hours for the doctors to complete the surgery.

They removed garbage containing plastic, needles, and pins from the cow’s stomach. The cow was in pain due to the amount of garbage in its body. The pain was so severe that it continuously kicked its stomach. Also, it had stopped giving milk.

The owner of the cow P Munirathanam reportedly said that the cow faced issues while passing urine and stool and it was yielding only 3 kg milk.

The owner initially consulted a local veterinary doctor who advised him to show his cow to Tamil Nadu’s Veterinary and Animal Sciences University. After conducting several tests, the surgeons performed a cow operation and a lot of garbage was removed from its stomach.

Balasubramanian, Clinic Director at ANUVAS, said that the incident was a living example of danger to the lives of animals from plastic.


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