Eating chow mein lands kid in hospital, has a brush with death

The Hush Post | 9:10 pm | One-minute read |

In a strange incident, toddler in Yamunanagar of Haryana had a brush with death after having chow mein from a road side vendor. The incident took place in Chachrauli area on May 31 when 3-year-old Usman consumed chow mein and the sauce provided by the vendor.

Usman suddenly developed shortage of breath and his body fell blackish in colour. His father also suffered some burn-type marks on his forearms as he too had chow mein. The child was rushed to the government hospital which instead referred him to PGI Chandigarh. Running out of time, Usman’s father took him to a private hospital where doctors admitted the child.

“The child had almost no blood pressure and was breathing scantily”, said Dr. Nikhil Bansal, a child specialist in Yamunanagar. Usman had developed pneumothorax, a condition in which the lungs collapse, leading to shortness of breath. Dr. Bansal affirmed it was possible that chow mein had led to this condition.

The kid was immediately operated upon and then put on a ventilator. To make matters worse, Usman also suffered a cardiac arrest, but was resuscitated by the doctors.

The boy was put on ventilator for around 16-17 days following which he was discharged from the hospital.

Doctors, say that road side vendors use substandard ingredients which might be the cause behind the incident. Dr. Nikhil Bansal said this might happen to everyone and has advised against having road side snacks.


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