13-yr-old Indian techie kid owns software company in Dubai

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A 13-year-old Indian boy in Dubai, who developed his first mobile application four years ago, owns a software development company, a media report said on Sunday.

Interest started as a mean to fight boredom

Aadithyan Rajesh had shifted to Dubai when he was 5-yrs-old. He was only nine when he developed his first mobile application. Aadithyan told The Khaleej Times his interest in technology and computers developed because he did not have friends in his neighbourhood.

“I would spend a lot of time on YouTube reading cartoons and playing spelling bee games,” he said about his fascination with computers and technology.
After playing games online for a while, Aadithyan decided he wanted to begin developing mobile applications himself. He developed an app called ‘Ashirwad browser’, a web browser similar to Google Chrome but with the lesser customisation.
He developed the app using Android Studio. However, since the Google Play store requires a base fee of $ 25 to upload an app, Ashirwad never went live. So, he started uploading on the Aptoide marketplace.
“After that, I began learning everything I could about software, app development and hardware as well,” he said.

Started own company Trinet Solutions

On December 17, 2017, he started his own company Trinet Solutions. A student of class 7, his employees are his school friends from classes 11 and 12.
“I need to be over the age of 18 to actually become an established company owner,” he said.
However, he has worked with over 12 clients, and we have given them our design and coding services entirely for free,” he said.

Supportive family

“We are not involved in his activities at all. This is all him,” said Aadithyan’s father Rajesh Nair. “My sister is six, and she shoots all the videos for my YouTube channel,” Aadithyan said.
He works mostly during the weekends. “In the morning, I go to school, then I head back home and rest for a while. After which, I learn Math, and then spend time on company work and on the YouTube channel,” he said.
Aadithyan is currently busy with a class management app for his teachers. “The main mission is to reduce teachers’ daily work by developing pop-up notification for tests, upcoming classes, noting down marks, etc,” the whiz kid said.

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