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With technology driving the world, career options have increased multifold. With tough competition and lesser government jobs, career options of becoming a doctor, engineer, a scientist or a cricketer have made way for more creative fields.
Social media, media and Information Technology have led to growth in career options, though they may be restricted to metros, big towns and cities. However, people across the country are using Information Technology in all spheres of life, even if it means earning a livelihood from it.
Youngsters just need to lap up the success stories if they have the interest and perseverance to follow it up. One key success mantra is to start as young as possible.
In the modern era, there are different and innovative career options that are grabbing attention. Young people are becoming successful and getting fame with their out-of- box career options. Let’s take a look at some of the most liked and unconventional career options which are fast becoming a fad.


YouTube as a career option is getting a lot of attention. If you are actually good at camera handling and also facing the camera, you can go for YouTube. You don’t need any particular degree or education for it. Many of the YouTube channel owners have their own media houses now.
YouTubing as a career needs patience. Keeping your channel updated is the success mantra. One needs to know the target audience and then create the content accordingly. We cannot expect million views on the very first video. Understanding the taste and need of the target audience needs constant monitoring as different people use YouTube for different purposes.


If you have good writing skills and have keen interest in a particular field, you can be a blogger. The advantage in this field is you are doing and earning money from what your are best at. One can be a fashion blogger, a food blogger or a travel blogger.
If you have keen interest in technology or IT, you can blog related to them as well. Most of the bloggers earn from the sponsored advertising and AdSense. But this as a profession needs a lot of patience as one cannot start earning with the first blog post right away. Once people start liking your blogs, they will continue reading your new updates.
Also, when it comes to travel and food blogging, one need to visit different places to explore.
A well-established blogger can later become a critic who writes or gives reviews on different platforms. Because the audience is wise and know the worth of each penny, so people always read reviews first and then choose accordingly, whether its food, hotels or any online shopping.
You can use Word press, Tumblr or BlogSpot as an initiative platform.

Event Management

We never heard of event management as a career option 15 years ago. As it picked up pace, many big companies were formed. It gets big bucks as one grows. Yes, there is stiff competition in the field, so better brace up for that beforehand.

Before starting up your own venture, you must have full knowledge of the way things work in this business. Its advisable to work with an event management company before forraying into it individually.One must possess good management skills. A successful event manager should have the skills to handle different people from different professions. It’s a 24-hour job with a lot of work to be done within a limited time. With everything to be perfect for the event day.
small details need to be looked into.
Organising an event includes different activities, all of them to be managed at one time. So, an event manager should be able to work under pressure.
One more thing which is very important is to always have a plan ‘B’. Without any doubt, this profession needs a hefty investment to start with. To avoid big losses, one can start on a small scale with a limited area specification.
Once, the credibility of your venture grows, your clients will themselves publicise your business by word of mouth which will help you to expand.
For more clarity, the Ranveer singh- Anushka Sharma starrer film ‘band baaja baraat‘ can help as a perfect guide.
The profession is here to stay, it will only get bigger and will grow on all sides, including small towns.

Tattoo Artist

In the present times, youth are crazy about tattoos. So if your artistic skills are good enough, you can open up your own tattoo studio after taking formal training. There are many tattoo schools well which provide training in this art to be pursued as a profession later.
But the apprenticeship is more important here rather than getting a degree in hand. You can learn from an expert before starting your own business. One needs to be artistic, innovative, should have the talent to draw anything from birds to ghosts.

The profession needs a lot of investment initially to start as the tools are quiet expensive. But once, the business starts, the investment can be covered in a short span of time.

Ethical Hacking

If you have keen interest in Information Technology and computer software, you can opt for ethical hacking. Hacking is not only used in the negative sense as many would comprehend. Hackers are needed to block cyber-crimes and protect the cyber space from intrusion. One can be an information security analyst or a software security consultant.
If you are a student of Computer Applications, then you can go for it.
Most of the software engineers go for this profession as it requires expertise in different programming languages like C, C++, Python, Ruby and many more.
There are prestigious institutes in India like National Institute of Technology, Indian Institutes of Technology, Indian School of Ethical Hacking, Kolkata, and many more which provide the required education required for pursuing this profession.

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