Let’s celebrate the spirit of empowered women on Women’s Day

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Broadly, Life is a struggle. And in this struggle we look for reasons to be happy. With time, things change around us sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly. One particular thing that is changing slowly is women’s place in the society. Some women are still bearing the brunt of the trivia associated with old socail beliefs and customs.

This Women’s Day, we have traced some stories that would give you a reason why one should respect women. Today on March 8, we present to you 8 among those million stories of women who struggled but ‘never said never’.


Dr Neelam Sodhi is a gynaecologist and obstetrician. She is running an NGO named Ashirwaad that works for children who have medical issues. Above all, she has been raised in an environment that encourages the choices of a woman.

However, she switched roles as a physiotherapist for her son going through a hard time of his life. Eventually, she had to manage to take on her responsibilities as a doctor,  wife, daughter and then as mother. This was, undoubtedly a challenge for the lady who further got motivated to set-up an NGO for kids with special needs .

“In today’s world full of competition and technology, talent has to be immense in a person. For me, I always appreciate the people in my surroundings. At the same time, I never let people stop me from my goals and aspirations. I make sure I am equally important and talented as men,” she says

The problem is that we shout out for the need of women empowerment, but the reality is that we have to create it ourselves — Dr Neelam Sodhi


Principal of Lakewood International School, Sunita Babu, has contributed to the profession  of teaching for years. She has been honoured with the National Award for Teachers for 2013-2014 by President of India Pranab Mukherjee in 2014. Interestingly, she has also recorded over 100 songs for All India Radio AIR and established herself as an artist. Also, she made history when she designed the logo for CCE.

However, with an experience of around 35 years in teaching, she falls in the category of empowered women who found a strong support system in her family.

“As a woman, I believe that since there is masculinity, there will always be the need for women empowerment. Undoubtedly, both the genders are equally important for each other, so both should respect the existence in order to make empower th society, she says.

The need to empower woman is because there has to be an equal status for all genders, no one is superior to anybody — Sunita Babu



Having a sports background, Jaspreet Kaur is the pride of Punjab. She has worked hard to pursue her career as a women power lifter. With the support of her family, especially her grandfather she has managed to achieve recognition. The list includes district, state and national championships. She won a silver and a bronze medal in Commonwealth power lifting.

She started practicing power lifting in 2013 while she was in college, after which she never looked back. Moreover, she took up all challenges with open arms and concentrated on her game. She never made excuses as she has been raised by a single mother. Hence, she decided to be third son of her family. Facing numerous societal, personal and financial pressures, she emerged more strong and pursued her ambitions.

“My goal in life is to achieve as much as it requires for me to pay back the support my family gave me. As a woman, I have faced people doubted my talent. Only because they feel sports and girls doesn’t make a good combination,” she says.

A woman must stand willfully by the expectations of her well-wishers in order to survive in a male-chauvinistic society — Jaspreet Kaur



An entrepreneur along with the support of her family turns obstacles into challenges  despite having less knowledge in the field. Being a mother of three and a wife, this tough woman decided to start a cafe and now is managing everything mostly on her own.

Along with her husband, she manages her horse riding academy and now the cafe which is more than a month old now. Young by heart, Tashi loves adventurous activities. From riding her own Thar to riding a horse, she makes sure that she is no less than anybody. She never lets her age or gender become a limitation.

The only way to bring women empowerment is to prepare oneself for the challenges because that is the one way to let others believe in you – Tashi Mangat



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