Anil Kapoor says, his wife went on honeymoon alone since he was busy with work

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“A friend of mine gave Sunita my number to prank call me – that’s when I first spoke to her and fell in love with her voice!”

The Hush Post: Anil Kapoor just picked out a few juicy details from the book 45 years of togetherness with wife Sunita Kapoor and what a hilarious delight they are! In a Facebook post for Humans Of Bombay, a blog known for sharing riveting tales on social media, the Fanney Khan actor shared how he fell in love with Sunita years before he forayed into Bollywood and how “the other girl” helped him score a date with Sunita – the woman of his dreams. The most interesting part was that Sunita Kapoor went on a honeymoon all alone since Anil Kapoor returned to his work. LOL. Sharing that his wedding was a classic case of Jhat maangni phat vihah, Anil said: “When I got my first break, I thought, now house will come, kitchen will come, help will come… I can get married! So I called Sunita and said, “Let’s get married tomorrow – it’s tomorrow or never and the next day, we were married!”Anil Kapoor

And this is what he added next: “I went for shoot 3 days later and madam went abroad on our honeymoon…without me!” Anil and Sunita Kapoor married in May 1984. Meri Jung – Anil Kapoor’s first Bollywood movie in a full-fledged role, released the following year. Sonam Kapoor is the couple’s eldest child while filmmaker Rhea is the second child. Their younger sibling Harshvardhan Kapoor is also an actor.

Anil says, “A friend of mine gave Sunita my number to prank call me – that’s when I first spoke to her and fell in love with her voice!”

Kapoor dated Sunita for a decade before he started he began his journey to be a Bollywood star “but there wasn’t any pressure from her side… the support was unconditional,” he revealed. “Honestly, she knows me better than I know me. We’ve built our life; our home together,” Kapoor added.anil1

Anil Kapoor being the person he is had to round off his post on a hilarious note with reference to a typical husband-wife conversation: “We’ve been together 45 years – 45 years of friendship, love and companionship. They don’t make people like her anymore. She’s the perfect mother, wife and the reason I wake up every morning, motivated,” he wrote, adding: “You know why? When I ask her, “Arrey, yesterday only gave you so much money” she says, “Woh sab khatam ho gaya.”

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