Blue Jean Blues is a movie about depression; watch video of an interview with lead actor Raj Thakur

The Hush Post: Blue Jean Blues is the debut feature film of director Dr. Nitin Mahajan. It features Ludhiana’s budding actor, Raj Thakur, as the lead actor in his debut feature film. Receiving critical acclaim from around the world, the film won the award for ‘The Best Film by a Debut Director’ at the Mexico International Film Festival-2017. It has also been nominated for various awards at 5th Delhi International Film Festival-2016, Miami Independent Film Festival-2016, Los Angeles Cine Fest-2016, among others.

The film primarily talks about depression amongst youngsters, and how to deal with it. While the assistance and guidance of family and friends is absolutely necessary, it is important that the one suffering from depression also does not give up on the brighter side of life.

Talking to The Hush Post, Raj Thakur, lead actor of the film said “Anyone, anywhere can suffer from depression. It is very important to fight depression, because once you defeat depression, you start cherishing the good things of life even more. I sincerely hope that this film of ours can help people who are fighting depression, and can also help those whose near and dear ones are going through such pains.”

“When a person suffers from depression, many a time the person gets stuck in a space which is neither healthy, nor happy. Thus, it is during these times that the role of the family and friends of the person attains paramount significance, since they can provide the person with the ‘push’ that is needed to come out of depression,” he further added.

Since nearly 56 lakh people in India and around 300 million (30 crore) people suffer from depression worldwide, the significance of this movie cannot be overstated. So here’s wishing an all the best to the cast and crew, and we hope that this movie continues to inspire millions across the globe.

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