Ab Tak Chapan screenplay writer Ravishankar Alok commits suicide


The Hush Post: Ab Tak Chapan screenplay writer Ravishankar Alok committed suicide today. 32-year-old writer, a resident of Seven Bangalows in Andheri (West) ended his life by jumping off the roof of the building where he resided.

The incident happened at 2:00 pm on Wednesday. The writer’s parents had recently come over to stay with him. They then left for Patna, the native place of Ravishankar Alok. The terrace of the building from where he jumped in mostly locked. It is very difficult to ascertain how he got access to the area from where he jumped.

A watchman of an adjacent building came out upon hearing a loud thud and then saw a body in a pool of blood, later recognised as Ravishankar Alok. An ambulance was immediately called for.

Ravishankar’s brother also stayed with him but wasn’t there at the time the mishap took place. The Versova police have not recovered any suicide note.

Alok was reportedly fighting depression for the past couple of days.

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