Fan moment: Three young girls decorate car with stills from Sridevi’s films; emotional Boney invites them over

The Hush Post: A special tribute to Sridevi by her three fans moved the late actress’ filmmaker husband Boney Kapoor and daughters Janhvi and Khushi. According to an IANS report, the Kapoors invited Paridhi Bhati, 26, Bhavana Varma, 33 and Tonu Sojatia, 29, to their Mumbai home. Boney and his daughters saw their car decorated with stills from Sridevi’s films. The car shows Sridevi’s entire film journey from the age of 4 to her last film Mom, showing her various moods — love, anger, innocence and dance.

Tonu Sojatia said that she herself designed the long-lasting multi-hued vinyl prints over the bumper, bonnets, roof, and doors of the car and her power-packed dialogues imprinted on the bonnet. The three of them took up almost a month to properly design the car.  Sojatia works as a social media PR with the National Film Archives of India. She and her friends also designed a special logo ‘Flying BhaToPa’ with a picture of Sridevi.

In April, these three women drove from Pune to Goa and back in the car as a part of an all-women safari.  They met the Kapoors over the weekend. “We were thrilled. They hosted us for nearly 40 minutes, came down to see our car and admired it very much. They insisted we stay back for lunch but we had time constraints, so we enjoyed coffee with them,” Tonu Sojatia told IANS.
She said that Boney Kapoor also guided them on how to click pictures “for the best possible angles and outcome.”
“We consider it an honour that Boney Kapoor invited us to meet and acknowledged our efforts. He is such a humble, down-to-earth personality and even Janhvi is such a doting daughter. For us it was a touching and emotional meeting. We miss Sridevi,” Tonu Sojatia added.

Before parting, they presented Boney Kapoor with stills of Sridevi from her film Solva Saavan (1979), when “he first fell in love with her” and to her daughters, they gifted images from the film Kumarasambhavam (1969), when Sridevi was all of four.

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