Chetan Bhagat asked wife to leave him after MeToo, she said “You and I are like Shiv & Parvati”

Chetan Bhagat

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After MeToo allegations, Chetan Bhagat’s wife said: You and I are like Lord Shiv and Goddess Parvati (Shakti). We are ‘Ardhanaareeshwar’ [a composite androgynous form of Shiv and Shakti]; we are one. “

Speaking for the first time in a public programme after # MeToo allegations against him, acclaimed author Chetan Bhagat talked extensively about the incident. Chetan Bhagat said he had seen several tough times in his life but this was the toughest.

He was speaking at the session ‘3 Mistakes of My Life’ on the last day of the three-day Sahitya Aaj Tak at New Delhi on Sunday.

Bhagat promoted his latest book ‘The Girl in Room No. 105’ at the event. He was accompanied by his mother at the programme.

Bhagat said, “I told my wife Anusha to leave me. Life would be easier for her, I told her.” However, his wife’s reply was a pleasant surprise and a lesson for him. His wife said, “Are you mad? You and I are like Lord Shiv and Goddess Parvati (Shakti). We are ‘Ardhanaareeshwar‘ [a composite androgynous form of Shiv and Shakti]; we are one.”

Chetan Bhagat said after his wife’s reply, he felt like an idiot (“gadha tha main“). “There I was doing chatting (with another woman). My view about my wife changed that day.”

Chetan Bhagat said troubled times prove to be a filtering process in a person’s life. “When you are on your peak, people get attracted towards you. But the true ones stick to you when you are in trouble,” he said.

About the lesson he learnt, Chetan Bhagat said, “Make mistakes, say sorry to yourself and to others. But learn a lesson and do not make bigger mistakes.”

Durng the talk show, Bhagat also revealed that he had chatted with a girl several years ago. “I said sorry the moment she pointed it put to me. Had she told me earlier, I would have said sorry then only,” he said.

However, he said, the allegations made by the second woman were false. He said he was in possession of the mails and he also had proof to prove himself innocent. But his lawyers have asked him not to speak about them to anyone.

Chetan Bhagat said he will not approach courts against the second allegation. “I won’t go to court. I don’t think litigation is the solution to every matter.”

He said, “I come from a humble family. I did not want to lead a life of a celebrity. Therefore, I mingled with everyone. I got into trouble because of this attitude.”





















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