“Fantasise Hrithik &….”, comedian Sumukhi Suresh to women | Hrithik embarrassed & flattered to know (WATCH VIDEO)

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The Hush Post: A recent video of female comedian Sumukhi Suresh is going viral online. The video is about “manual for lust stories” and is meant for women. In this video, the comedian advises women to fantasise about Hrithik Roshan while masturbating.

This video of Sumukhi Suresh has become an instant hit online. The comedian says this video is a manual for lust stories and is meant for women. It also advises women to fantasise about Hrithik Roshan and masturbate. Reacting to this, the actor says he is both ‘embarrassed and flattered’, a report said.

Hrithik recently found himself part of a viral video of the comedian where she gives a female manual to masturbation mentioning with the actor as the reigning diet to evoke sexual desire. The actor, when apprised of this video, made an honest confession that he is both ‘embarrassed and flattered’.

In this video, Sumukhi speaks about female masturbation and, in reference to that, takes Hrithik’s name. She asked women to maintain cleanliness standards and masturbate while imagining about Hrithik Roshan.

When Hrithik Roshan was told about the female manual of Lust Stories, Hrithik Roshan wrote, “Yes, I have. It is almost embarrassing but at the same time very flattering n complimentary. An honest admission. :)”

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One of the most striking and controversial features of the “Lust Stories” series of the Netflix was its unhindered approach to dealing with the vexed issue of sex and what’s more, showing it from a female perspective. The Radhika Apte-led story, for instance, deals with an adventurous female teacher who uses her male student for pleasure and harasses him over his girlfriend, only to dump him when he gets serious. At one point, she extracts a confession from him that whatever happened between them was with his consent, the report said.

Now, this clip was picked up by stand-up comic Sumukhi Suresh in one of her shows as an example of expressing female sexuality and being confident about it, it was reported.

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