Founded by Raj Kapoor, RK Studio set to be sold soon (WATCH VIDEO)

Founded by Raj Kapoor, RK Studio set to be sold soon
The RK Studio in Chembur area of Mumbai.

The Hush Post: Last year fire had gutted it, now the news about the famous RK Studio to be sold has spread like a wildfire, especially on the Internet. Yes, you heard it right, the famous film studio set up by legendary actor Raj Kapoor is set to be sold soon.

The iconic studio was built by Raj Kapoor in 1948 over two acres of land in Mumbai’s Chembur area.

Actor Rishi Kapoor, who is one of the three sons of Raj Kapoor, confirmed the news about the studio to be sold soon while speaking to Mumbai Mirror. Rish Kapoor reportedly said that the operations cost won’t keep the establishment running even after renovation, a report said.

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Notably, RK Studio was gutted by fire last year, which destroyed most of the property along with memorabilia and costumes of all RK Films.

Actress and daughter of Raj Kapoor’s another son Randhir Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor was quoted as saying” “I think it’s probably something that the family has decided, so it’s upto my father, his brothers and up to them… If that’s what they have decided, so be it.”

But, the Raj Kapoor fans, who are emotionally attached to the RK Studio, have alternatives to keep alive the late actor’s legacy. After all, the Prithvi Theatre (started by Shashi Kapoor and maintained by his children Sanjana and Kunal Kapoor today) is alive and thriving. On Twitter, several users suggested that RK Studio be adopted by the government (if it cannot be maintained by the family) and be converted into a Bollywood museum or a film school, the report said.

Director Rahul Dholakia (Raees and Parzania) also joined Twitter’s suggestion committee: “…Imagine the young talents exploring cinema on Raj Kapoor’s playground,” Dhikajua tweeted.

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And here are some tweets, who’d rather see the studio turning into a museum:

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A Twitter user suggested Kareena and Ranbir Kapoor (grandchildren of Raj Kapoor) should take the initiative to develop the property and keep it running:

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This Twitter user, with 1,000 followers conducted a poll to figure out the options of how to give RK Studio’s a new lease of life – A Bollywood museum, an acting school, a hi-tech studio or others. Here’s the result of the poll:

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In case, none of the options are feasible and RK Studio must be sold, then this Twitter user requested the family to keep the “iconic sculpture” (which imitates the poster of Raj Kapoor’s 1949 film Barsaat) and auction it.

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RK Studio started a year after India gained Independence and the first film made under RK Films, headquartered in the studio was Aag, which did not perform too well at the box office but it found success a year later with Barsaat.

In the last few years, RK Studio was rented by production houses to film television shows and a few commercials.


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