FUNNY VIDEO of Deepika Padukone will give you giggling fits

FUNNY VIDEOS of Deepika Padukone will give you giggling fits
Deepika Padukone

The Bollywood actress gives glimpses of funny face yoga and hilarious selfies

The Hush Post: It is a treat to watch Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone showing her funny side.

The actress makes funny faces while doing face yoga. And she gives funniest expressions but still does not shy on being given some challenges.

Deepika is confident in her skin, sexy in her moves and hilarious when it comes to goofing around. She makes her fans go gaga over her with this video.

The actress, who recently shot for the cover of Elle India showcases her boldest avatar. In the videos from the same shoot, she can be seen doing some crazy stuff. And it will make anyone laugh out loud, a report said.

Deepika Padukone has time and again showed-off her goofy side. And she is once again wowing her fans with her funny instances and quirky acts. Deepika was asked to take up some challenges, where she showed off face Yoga. And she had some of the funniest expressions, but still Deepika does not shy away a bit. Secondly, she had to put an eyeliner with her left hand. Deepika was flawless and most us couldn’t be close with our right ones.

She also later decked up someone with a quirky hairdo and also she put on purple blush (not on herself though). Deepika took all the challenges as a sport and entertained her fans with all of it. See the video clip here:


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