WWF event at the Paddal ground in Mandi, thanks to the Great Khali

The Hush Post: Come April, the famous Paddal ground at Mandi would host a mega event that has not happened before. With the help of “The Great Khali” Dilip Singh Rana, the state government will organise WWF wrestling competitions at Mandi and Shimla. The venue for the Shimla event has not been finalised yet but the events would be held between April 20 and 30.

A large number of international WWF wrestlers and wrestlers trained by Khali, who hails from Sirmaur, would participate. If all goes well, it would be for the first time that people of Himachal would get an opportunity to watch the exciting event on their home turf.

Disclosing it at an interaction with the media at the Shimla Press Club, Forest and Transport Minister, Gobind Thakur said, “It was unfortunate that Khali, who earned a name for the country nationally and internationally, was not given recognition in his home state. Organising the event with his support would be a tribute to him”.

Thakur said that the new sports policy, which had not been revised since 2002, would aim at attracting students towards sports at an early age, identifying and encouraging the budding talent. He said Parshuram awards, which had not been given for the past few years, would be reintroduced soon.

Khali retired  from international area in November 2014 and returned to India to train aspiring WWE Superstars. Khali’s battle-ready mentality and intimidating presence combined to make him a unique threat to every member of the WWE roster. He successfully stood tall against celebrated WWE Superstars, including The Undertaker, Kane, Big Show, John Cena and Shawn Michaels.

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