Groom plays PUBG on his own wedding as his newly-wed wife looks on | WATCH VIDEO

The Hush Post | 7:20 pm | One-minute read
The youth of the country is crazy about online mobile game PUBG. And this video is a perfect example of it. This video has been largely shared online and it shows a groom busy playing PUBG on his own wedding. Though, his wife is sitting next to him but his devoting his focus completely on the game.
Originally, the video was shared on TikTok now it has gone viral. On Facebook, it got more than 4 lakh views. However, it is unclear when and where the video was filmed.
The video has definitely left the netizens amused as there are interesting comments on it.
“He is a pro player, don’t disturb him,” laughed one person in the comments section.
Recently, this online mobile arcade game PUBG was banned in Gujarat over concerns about its impact on the “behaviour conduct and the language” of those playing it.

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