“I had indecent experience in Bollywood,” says Neeru Bajwa, the super star of Punjabi cinema

The Hush Post | 18:55 | Two-minute read

Punjabi film actress Neeru Bajwa has revealed that she had gone through indecent experience during her Bollywood days. The actress, who had started her career in the Hindi film industry with Dev Anand’s ‘Main Solah Baras ki’ in 1998, said that she was “put off” by Bollywood after she faced an “indecent experience”.

In an interview, the successful Punjabi actress has said, “Well, without taking nay name, I just want to say that I had a really indecent experience during a meeting for a Hindi film. I was told that, ‘This is what you have to do to make it here’. It left me shaken, uncomfortable and I was put off.”

Neeru, who is sharing screen space with Diljit Dosanjh in her latest film Shadaa has been actively promoting the movie. While she was asked about her Bollywood days, she replied, “I am not saying that that is how the industry works. I am saying that I was one of the unfortunate actresses who had encountered a terrifying experience. Since then, I did not try my luck in Bollywood, and never will. I am comfortable in my space in Punjabi cinema.”

Directed by Jagddep Sidhu, Shadaa revolves around a girl from Punjab who does not want to get married. But the society and her family criticizes her for making such a choice. The film has released on June 20.

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