Out-of-work actor Imran Khan has become Pak PM for some; is thankful to all those wishing him well

imran khan

The Hush Post: Actor Imran Khan is receiving congratulatory mails after his victory in the general elections to the National Assembly in Pakistan. Hilarious, but true, some people have reached out to the the wrong man congratulating him on victory that is essentially someone else’s.Imran Khan

On Tuesday, Imran Khan, Aamir’s nephew shared a screenshot of an email he’d received, in which the sender had promised his loyalty and addressed him, “Dear Prime Minister.”

“I guess I can no longer ignore the call to action. Gonna start drafting some policy outlines this week, I’ll keep you guys updated,” Imran joked in the post.

The actor is often mistaken for the new PM, who is arguably Pakistan’s most popular cricketers. “Successful leader takes right decision at the right time. He recognises friends and selects faithful team members. Now it is 10 years long governance and I want to join your team on very first day,” the message read.

A few years ago a reporter asked actor Imran, though had wanted to talk to the politician. Here’s an excerpt from the interview, pulled by NDTV.

Reporter: For a fast bowler, you have quite a small build and frame. How did you manage to be successful in your sporting career despite being so puny?

Imran: You yanks have a very weird sense of humour. Er… my cute looks and puny frame help bowl maidens over, you see. Hopefully, I will continue to maintain a good strike rate going forward also.”

For the cricketer-turned-politician, Imran has also been mistaken for Irrfan Khan. Sharing a screenshot of text messages he received in which the sender had realised his mistake and called Imran a ‘badhiya banda’, the actor wrote, “Thanks, I guess.”

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s parliamentary committee on Monday officially nominated Imran Khan as the party’s prime ministerial candidate. As per reports, the oath ceremony of Pakistan’s new prime minister is likely to take place on August 14, the Independence Day of the country.

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