Shah Rukh’s intelligent piece of advice on parenting

Shah Rukh Khan with family

The Hush Post: Superstar Shah Rukh Khan is an intelligent hands-on parent to his three children. On Sunday, the actor took to Instagram and became a ‘Parent philosopher’.

The caption of the post read, “Sunday afternoon…for no apparent reason…feel like being a Parent Philosopher. This is to thank the kids not to give advice to parents…”

In the post, SRK writes, “Our children are not our responsibility. They are a measure of our capability”.

“When someone says ‘my kid is such a problem’… I want to tell them don’t look at them don’t look at them as that… ‘cos actually their ‘issues’ are a call to our potential”  he wrote.

This bit of experience-based tip on parenting little ones and teenagers could be a bit of parenting goal for Gen-next over-enthusiastic parents. Parents these days are unable to clearly draw the line on overdose of love or of restrain on their wards.

Shah Rukh Khan has been a self-made man with education to compliment his acting skills. He is one of the highly qualified film-stars who made his way into film only after completing higher formal education .

Born and brought up in Delhi, Shah Rukh Khan was a brilliant student and an all rounder. He is a product of the prestigious St Columba’s School, Delhi. In school, he won the prestigious ‘Sword of Honour’ and was also the captain of his football, hockey and cricket teams.Shah Rukh Khan with family

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Hansraj College (Delhi University). In 2016, while receiving his degree, he had said, “I am missing only one thing – my children are not with me today, as I wanted to show them every corner of my college”. Shah Rukh holds a Masters degree in Mass Communications from Jamiya Millia Islamia after which ‘Fauji’ happened.

He has always laid stress on completing formal education to his children before pursuing professions of their interest.


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