Kapil Sharma hurls choicest abuses against news portal editor Vicky Lalwani; READ BELOW

After a gap of 2 months, Kapil Sharma comes on Twitter; says he will return with a brand new offering
Kapil Sharma.

The stand-up comedian approaches police against editor of portal Spotboye Vicky Lalvani and The Kapil Sharma Show producers Neeti and Preeti Simoes

The Hush Post: Stand-up comedian Kapil Sharma is in news for bad reasons again. The comedian, against whom the editor of a news portal carried a story accusing him (Kapil) of threatening and abusing him on phone, has lodged a criminal complaint with the police.

As per a You Tube video uploaded by Spotboye, Kapil allegedly called Vicky Lalwani a dog, a sinner, a pimp (using informal Hindi words) and used choicest words to abuse him.

Along with the journalist, Kapil Sharma has also lodged complaint against Neeti and Preeti Simoes, the producers of his previous show The Kapil Sharma Show (TKSS).

Kapil Sharma on Saturday shared scanned copies of his complaints on Twitter.

Kapil Sharma lodges criminal complaint against news portal
The copy scan of Kapil Sharma’s complaint given to the police.

The complaint has all the details of the alleged offences committed by the editor of Spotboye.com Vicky Lalvani and producers Preeti and Neeti Simoes. “Some people just want to defame you for few bucks but it will take ages to make a stand against the wrong.. I shall do it today n forever..,” the comedian said in his post on Twitter.

The tweet posted by Kapil Sharma on Friday.

Kapil Sharma has addressed his letter to the senior inspector of police, Oshiwara police station, Mumbai with the subject: “Threat to extort and harassment by news agency ‘Spotboye’-Mr Vicky on the insistence of ex managers Ms Neeti Simoes and Ms Preeti Simoes to cause mental and emotional suffering.”

Building up his case against his case against the role of the producers on his show, Kapil said because the ‘work involved significant co-ordination’, Preeti and Neeti were hired to ‘manage some aspects of his shows.’ However, there were ‘serious gaps in their performance’ and as a result, ‘he was lost out on several commitments’ that caused him ‘extraordinary embarrassment at times, the report said.

Moving over to Vicky Lalvani, the complaint read that one of Kapil’s associates was ‘approached by a person and said to part with Rs 25 lacs’. The letter reads ‘Spotboye’ as the culprit. ‘The person also explained they have a lot of personal information about my client and only a few knew this and that within a few days, (it will) eventually bring Kapil Sharma down,’ the complaint added.

The complaint also details Kapil’s reaction to the alleged extortion. Kapil ‘brushed it as an unnecessary distraction’ as ‘he was never inclined to give in to such demands’, the demands they believe were made to ‘provoke him to react/respond.’

‘My client has not taken these rumours well … (and he has been) disturbed by comments like ‘failed artist’, ‘celebrity out of control’, ‘choice of wrong life partner etc’, it adds. The ending point said: ‘This, my client understands, will go unabated until the demand for extortion will be settled and until then, he will continue to face the damaging consequences.’

Earlier, on Friday evening a report carried by Spotboye news portal, Kapil called Lalvani over the phone and hurled vulgar abuses at him. It was reported that Kapil and another unidentified man accused the portal of causing him mental suffering by writing negative reviews about his show and threatened him with a lawsuit. The Spotboye editor recorded the entire conversation and posted it on YouTube, the report said.

Meanwhile, in an interview given to a news agency, Spotboye editor Vicky Lalvani said Kapil is upset about the ‘negative’ stories about him. “Apparently he was upset about some stories against him. I was only doing my work. He called me, used abusive language and also said offensive things about my daughter. He handled his success very well but couldn’t handle his drop,” Lalvani was quoted as having said.

Throughout Friday afternoon, Kapil Sharma was showering his followers and the media with abusive, expletives-ridden rant. He said had he been the prime minister of the country he would have ‘hanged all journalists spreading fake news,’ and defended Salman Khan after he was sentenced to five years in prison in the blackbuck poaching case.

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